2018 New Year Resolution Goals to Set

This year I wanted to make a promise to myself. A promise to hold myself more accountable of time and to use it wisely. I want to journal, write in my planner, and set goals I will meet. I’m sick of acting like things are out of reach when they’re not. I read that if you write things down that you want to happen goals etc…then they will. In a way you’re bringing your brain to connect neural pathways for those things to become a reality. Whereas, not writing them down: out of sight out of mind. Our subconscious mind is a beautiful thing.

“When we write something down it reinforces our brain to see connections that we may have not seen by simply only stating a goal”

I go back to my goal: I will be more accountable. Yes, I’m typing it here, but I’m also going to physically write it as I suggest you do as well. I have so many goals and aspirations and I want to manifest them as I’m sure you do as well. I hope that you hold yourself accountable. Time is of the essence so use it wisely. There’s a vast mountain of things you can do in a year. I want to grow and continuously learn. Another goal of mine is to travel a lot in 2018. I’m still not sure how this will happen, but I know it will because I will manifest it into existence. God is giving. I really want to explore and immerse myself into other cultures.

Bottom line set goals & write them down (so important). Much love and so many hugs sent your way. I know you are capable of so much good; you can truly do anything you set your mind to!  Now, go head strong into this NEW YEAR of 2018! Be a force, a positive one at that (mind, body, soul). What are some of your goals that you accomplished last year and what are some on your list for this 2018 year?

All the love and good health, god willing!

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XOX, Rue


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